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Maintenance Schedule

Unsure of when you need a certain automotive repair?

Take a look at the list below--it will provide you with a basic complimentary schedule to follow in addition to your manufacturers' recommendations.

Oil and filter

We recommend that you check your oil and fluid levels routinely. Some cars are prone to burning a quart of oil every 500-1000 miles. Thus, the oil level could get dangerously low leading to major engine problems before your next scheduled service. We usually recommend an oil change every 5k miles; however, check your owners manual to see their specific recommendations for how often to change the oil and filter.


Battery and terminals

We recommend that you test and fully charge your battery and clean the terminals at least once a year--preferably before the winter. Batteries can and will partially or completely drain down over time so make sure to keep a jump starter in your trunk for emergencies. If your car sits for months at a time, we recommend installing a battery disconnect switch to save you from having to jumpstart it the next time you need it. Most batteries are only good for about 5 years before needing to be replaced.


Tires and alignments

We inspect tire wear at every oil change and rotate accordingly. Usually tires can last anywhere between 30-60k miles; however, these numbers are averages. To check yourself, take a penny and put it heads down between the grooves of the tread. If Lincoln's head is completely visible, then it's time to look into replacing the tires. All new tires should be balanced at the time of mounting and an alignment should be performed and reassessed at least once a year.

Air filters

We blow out and clean air filters at every oil change to extend the life of the filter. A dirty air filter can lead to engine performance issues and bad fuel economy; thus, it's important to inspect and replace the air filter accordingly. View your owners manual for the specific replacement interval but usually it's somewhere between 15-30k miles depending on driving conditions. This replacement interval is recommended for the cabin air filter as well.


When the rubber of a wiper blade begins to degrade, a noticeable streak across the windshield can result. It's at that time we recommend looking into replacing your windshield wipers. Also, we recommend to never turn on your wipers until ice and snow is fully melted or removed from the wiper cowl. This could potentially save you from having to replace not only the wiper blades but the while wiper arm or wiper motor as well.

Plugs and wires

If your vehicle begins to run rough or lose power, then it might just be time for a tune-up. Depending on the spark plug type, this could be anywhere between 30-100k miles. Verify with your owners manual when they recommend the spark plugs and wires (if applicable) be replaced. Do not postpone this service if your vehicle has a misfire; spark plugs that misfire can cause unburned fuel to enter the exhaust system and ultimately lead to catalytic failure. 

Preventative maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your vehicle! Call us and schedule a maintenance service today!

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